Hacker or? (Cullman)

I dont want to be that guy but This guy is looking highly suspect, he has maxed toons already s5+ ars are maxed on toons. This regions barely a month old. I’m not saying its impossible and yes I see he is prestige 12 but come one now, he is worth looking into and perhaps he just dropped a new car on this game. Just dont think its fair not to check him out, dont like when people lose tourneys to hacks, if he wants to outspend everyone so be it haha but just check him out haha thanks!

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New regions is where the whales really come to play lol between this one and JD

Yeah I was wondering about this guy also, seems a bit fishy…But could be a whale.


If it’s a whale, that would take some very serious cash to hit S5+ while only level 57. How does one get enough of ANY resource to ascend anything at that point in the game?


not defending anyone but they did just release multiple stashes with all the gear you could ever need. between the $550 stash, gator stash and this strong stash theres plenty of legitimate ways at this point. not to mention the gear offers/tourney prizes etc. sure its a ton but I’m a prestige 13 myself can see it


Well if that is “legitimate” for cash waste, then there is no wonder why are cheaters hitting hard on game.

I agree, they make things cost so much money but the whales keep the wheel spinning because they know someone is going to buy it all. when they don’t they just put someone like Erika back up as promo to recover. lol


Nah, pretty sure Jon just spends a lot lol. There is that Russian hacker tho, with Erika lead.

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Just report them and see if scopely can sort it out, they have done fairly well at knocking down some of the hackers recently, which they’ll always be back, new account, new region, etc …
But yes plz scopely look into new regions like cullman, Edgefield, etc… before they are ruined, cuz some players are looking for a fresh start

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Legit or hacks.
Identical weapon fully upgraded and both on the same day

It just seems really fishy when crafting is so easy to get successful identical crafts (especially without crit lands)


Why 3 mods but only 2 are evident (+5% atk, stun on atk)?