Hacker on limestone

has a hacker on limestone server … new player with 4 of prestige scoring too high in the event

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Maybe @CombatMan can tell us if it’s legit or not, haha

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It’s not and doubt anything will be done.

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I’ve heard they’re looking into it, but my hope is waning. My region’s cheaters are still there, and have been for quite awhile.

Even if they look into it and ban him, it won’t be until after the event and the prizes will never be fixed to the right place :frowning:


Or more than likely it’s Scopely testing a new team that wasn’t supposed to be in live region. They’ve done it before don’t worry though like above poster stated nothing will be done till after and no they will not adjust the rewards to the others.

Fact-This has really happened in other region’s-

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This guy was banned yesterday. Had brought it up yesterday, but it had already been dealt with at the time


You can’t remove him from the event so the prizes are fairly distributed???

Was removed from the leaderboard at that time as well.


Very excited when I see stuff like this. Immediate action. Needs to happen more often

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Good Job Scopely common common keep pushing these hackers away.