Hacker on dekalb


There’s a hacker on my region top on solo raids by a landslide only been on region for a couple months but won every solo and only prestige 8 he’s already got a 5++grade team has every new character but still prestige 8 his name is old Armenian now going by OA been report by me and a lot more people on region and scoplay have done nothing it’s not fair to honest players on my region even shown numerous screenshots got photos of last 6 solos he’s won plus he’s already on 4mil now but still hasn’t moved from prestige 8 it’s needs sorting a lot of people quitting cos of him can send all screenshots of him and all his scores so scoplay can you sort this out or I will quit to I love game spend a lot just not happy like other players


Will agree there is an issue.

I think the main thing that has been noticed is that he only hit Prestige 8 a few days ago. Prior to that he was still hitting 3-4 million every level up. His prestige was only going up by the daily box amount. And its not as if it goes up slowly. It goes from zero to 3million in a few seconds…

If you contrast it, in one week he added 700 prestige, and won 2 levelup events, the guy who was second added 50k prestige trying to compete with him…

I know he has been reported multiple times by friends and clan mates, however as of yet nobody has had a reply from Scopely.

Even during the CRW the Event chat was calling him a hacker. So much so, his clan mates changed their names to Vk.com.

I honestly have no idea how you can win 4 Level Up events in a row before “You Got Lucky” scav missions, as a prestige 7.


It can take them about a month it will happen. Just keep ss and sending it to them


Currently at 6 weeks of reporting :slight_smile:

Tbh I just feel sorry for the chap who keeps coming second, he is spending a fortune to lose.


Yes poor Alex spends and absolute fortune and always finishes 2nd behind him feel sorry for the guy he’s a good genuine player and OA gets away with it all time it’s unfair


Yeah I feel bad that OA keeps getting away with this and somehow people on the region are getting banned for next to no reasons. There is at least 2 hackers in the painkillers team and they have been around for a while doing the same rubbish ;(


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