Hacker in Tift Region with Rise to Power Rick


Please do something, there are a lot of hackers in our region and we need a competitive game. He is a bad player,not even the 30day pass,and now with the Rick, in his faction there are 3 more players using hack to get premiers.

So.. I saw something interesting(New Rise to Power Rick)

That’s horrible.


This is unacceptable


how stupid can these people be?


If you want to report cheaters so they potentially get banned, check this post: Cheating & Exploiting // How to Report!

I suggest as much visual proof as possible. videos/images show faction/rank/prestige as well as a really plain explanation of why this is not achievable etc.


I know what “interesting stuff” I’ll be messing with next :rofl:

Game is broken beyond belief, too much data stored client side and not enough in the way of consistency checks being performed.

This kinda sh!t should be easy to pick up and stop


Wow this is so blantant and obvious cheating luckily nobody in my region is hacking and if they are they are incognito about it. Im in the #1 faction in our region and i know 100% our faction has no cheaters in it our leader does not condone it at all. This shit is ridiculous smh


VK route resets yay!


Visual proof? They can just check their own leader boards and any faction above 8100? gets removed. Scopley could take the initiative. We should not have to do their work for them.


Or the fact that people have a toon that it is impossible to get yet because they haven’t released enough tokens to get him… I honestly don’t see how any more proof is needed.


It isn’t impossible if you are dedicated nuff.


that meme died last year


Since scopely do nothing, maybe it’s a good idea change the region. Actually in Hale I think we are hack free in the events, at least anyone can win a lvl up with some preparation.


I will try to see the future: “I see that in the next war of regions I will surely find rick ascend to power and maybe to 90”, which as hell is possible ???

tratare de ver el futuro: “veo que en la próximas guerra de regiones seguro encontrare Rick ascender al poder y quizás al 90” , que como demonios es posible???


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNc_EZwHxVQ SCOPELY WHAT MORE PROOF YOU NEED? JUST END THIS ALREADY!!!


7 of them have been online in the past few minutes and no responses yet…


New Year, improvements and all thrown down the toilet with one single event. I fucking hate you Russians.


If the hackers were smarter they would prep all of the marks and slowly redeem over time and then once the paid crates are up, open all of them to get the weapon as well. Knowing Scopely, no chance of getting caught.

Just saying.


Yea i pretty much lost any positive notions i had going this year after this weekend. Sad that can’t run one event without any muck ups. The pull improvement was great, free maggie was great, the quality of life improvements were great but silence and clearing of threads is just back to business as usual.


That isn’t meme, it is way of life.