Hacker in Marshall Region


This player is known in Marshall region to be a hacker, with no fear in being banished.

He has this team since 2-3k reputation (1 month ago ~):

These prints were taken in 30/03/2018:

All the prints refer the same player. Please Scopely, do something, for Christ sake! Rampage faction is known to abuse hacking!

Are hacker's and cheater's being dealt with in your region?

Here’s another one, in 4th place… Damn hackers!

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What makes you think they are hacking? Perfectly normal for people to spend on the game and that guy just has a lot of ways to get points. Not saying they aren’t hacking, but I don’t really see proof here.


In my region there used to be a faction named Rampage (top 1 for a long time), and I always had the feeling some of them were hackers. The faction dissolved a few months ago, maybe they moved to this region :confused:


Very common strategy btw


And he has the brand new blue Michonne…



If you can’t see proof, keep on playing normally. I know these 2 don’t spend money. Just see their Prestige level.

The second account is recently created. Raid numbers, 6000 points of Prestige, lv21 account. It’s hard to get 2kk for me, imagine for an new account.

And the first player is known in Marshall to hack many accounts. Believe, he says / admit it in global chat (other account, same person). He has too many premier legendary characters. And his weapons are all perfect. I have almost 250k of Prestige, and spend a lot of money, but I don’t have many chars as him.



I know that some of the players of Rampage have initiated in Ballard region. But they started to abuse hacking there, and many got banished. In the last Scopely action in Marshall region, 4 players of Rampage got banished. No one in Marshall likes Rampage faction, believe it!


Didn’t say he wasn’t a hacker, said I didn’t see enough proof. People get lucky with pulls while buying, and some watch and do offers which gives you no additional prestige points. Again, not saying he isn’t a hacker, but there are a lot of ways he could not be.


Maybe your region parameters are very different from mine.

I’m at level 125, more than 13k raids, almost Prestige lv11 (in 1 week), more than 1 year playing everyday. I have Erika (40 pulls), Gov (evasion)(80 pulls). I tried yellow Michonne (80 pulls) and didn’t get her. I tried Bruce (90 pulls) and didn’t get him. I tried blue Michonne (93 pulls) and didn’t get her.

His Prestige is lv9, 59000 points. He got Aris, 2 Erikas, Madison, 2 Shivas, Koa, blue Michonne, yellow Rosita, Glenn. All of them are at tier 4, with all perfect weapons.

So he’s the luckiest man ever, or I’m garbage, or he’s a hacker. I and many others from Marshall region bet its the third option.


Betting is not knowing for sure though, if he is a hacker, I do hope he pays for it. If he’s not, then I do hope you all acknowledge that fact.


You must be beyond dumb if ur unable to see it’s impossible to have all that at such low prestige. Seriously.


Rare to find someone like that, it’s not impossible. There are offers you know, no need to buy in-game.


Prestige means nothing. Of course, buying things in-game gives you more prestige points, but who says he buys? He could do offers like my previous statement.


Yeah, right. Stop playing devil’s advocate.


Why do I have to stop playing Devil’s advocate? Why do you care what I believe and what I do?


Could you not come up with another argument so you had to say that?


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