Hacker in Davidson

We haven’t been open very long, but most of us aren’t even level 40 yet. And this dude came out of nowhere. Now he’s dominating our level up. And just keeps going up.

Please review the information in that post and report directly to the people who investigate cheating.

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Thank you!

proof or no??

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the proof is there level 150 zero rep 21 wins rank one with 4m

The region is new no one would be at 150 yet.

it says he’s prestige 13. so he spent a ton of $$$ to bought tons of offers and powered himself up fast?

spend all you want but wont get you level 150 that fast.


it takes a lot of spending to get to prestige 13…

why would someone even hack to change their level? Level does like basically nothing

No idea but region is brand new does not show up in region list. Lets be real no one new to game going speend 20k+ on game they no nothing about

Some people do drop that kinda cash though it could be someone starting anew? It’s not impossible. If you’re going to hack wouldn’t you give yourself more than the free S Class James/Christa? He’s only s10

His S10++ he also would not have gear level 6 stars anyway sure his got leagues but his in silver and no group so next to no tokens and he cany buy it anyway till plat. Sure there is coin boxes for gear but its rng and vk sell 100 of each for $50, Anyway tell us how his rank 1 with zero rep? where starting rep is 1k given level 40 is month of playing… normal people would be at 2k range only been few raids within a month…

How long has the region been open?

There are gear crates you can buy and there is a bug where you can be promoted to platinum straight away. A bug support refused to acknowledge btw. Also, most gear unlocks at bronze now.

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thank you for the explanation. I knew something wasn’t adding up with assuming “cheater.”

That dude is a hacker. There’s no way any of his stats match up to the age of the region. Most of us are s9 and up, so his team grade isn’t far off. But level 150 & prestige 13… not possible. Most of us are level 40 at this time.

The prestige is possible, it can be a secondary account, your prestige from all accounts sticks. But you’re right about the rest of the stats, it doesn’t make sense

Not when its a new region that you can not move alt account too

It’s also a good reminder to the community what to do…
But also to Scopes that it’s a constant factor needing better proactive attention

come back from long break in march when i back i was lvl 28 now im lvl 116 and i don’t miss any day and don’t miss any event from 8 mounts and im not lvl 150 im lvl 116 lol this guy is a hacker

Considering to get to this region you have to completely start over at prestige 1, there’s no way he’s legit lol.