Hacker in darlington?

Is this possible, a prestige 6 being s4 already lol

I myself think there’s no way it’s possible.

Well, the only explanation is that he’s a newbie who donated few grands straight away to get couple of 6* and was lucky enough to do so.

We all know there are no cheaters in this perfect game, don’t post negative stuff or you’re about to face a decepticon form of scopely police :policewoman::policeman:

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As eternal mentioned above, it’s possible, but I reckon you’d need the equivalent of a few grands worth of coins.

Bunch of pulls, buy all the stashes, buy world cans and farm gear. Buy trainer packs and coin ygl’s - It’s possible.

The only thing is, their prestige would have to increase. Buying deals through tap joy can give you bulk coins while staying under the prestige radar at the same time. Highly unlikely, but not outside the realms of possibility.

Hmm regardless of how much money they spent bc I’ve seen S2++ to S4 teams already in the top faction in that region, that’s the problem with hacker’s or cheaters there trying to dominate a brand new region and that’s why new player’s to the game quit playing, they need to check into this at scopley asap

Few thousand at prestige 6? They would be prestige 9 or higher with a few thousand put in. Definitely a hacker at that prestige.

Mags just mad she not on top, she’s on the bottom… Sometimes u gotta switch positions lol

Even if he started from p1?

Geez, another new region Mags? lol

Yes. P1 to P9 is 50000. So not including daily prestige that is around $850. To get to P6 it is 5000 which would be around $70. $70 wont get you an S4 team.

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That’s quite valuable data for me tbh, I’m going to report dozens of players in my region now, thanks

Umm has nothing to do with being on top.

Lol. I’m actually getting bored with the game. Just trying to find some interest in it.

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You really can’t do these things at level 12 without lots of money but heck what do I know only been playing forever.:slight_smile:

So you are telling me there is no cheaters in this region?


So hackers get a pass in a new region but scopley cracks down on older region’s…hmm

prestige 5. totally legit

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Loads of cheaters in Darlington so far, suspicious accounts all over the place



Just noticed the account JohnCoyote posted has either been kicked or abandoned. Guessing from how vocal some had been about others “hacking” that it’s been abandoned