Hacker found in my faction region greenwood cheater name bot de dominca


So I thought I’d start a baby acount today in a reigion called greenfield it’s relatively new

I want to report because I know how much of a pain it can be to set up and it is not fair that cheater ruin a very new reigion I will be leaving this faction due to this since I domt agree with this behaviour so if anyone wants to pick me up after fac sr since I can’t leave during a event feel free


Bonus points for solid proof rather than speculation


Yep and faction isn’t too happy but I don’t agree with this behaviour at all guess hackers check forums but it’s a new reigion and I’m not having a bunch of newbies not being able to play they can be pissed but I will not tolerate or work with cheaters if ya know what I mean


Good Job reporting that p.o.s. Cheaters are a cancer.


Calling someone a snitch for reporting a cheater amounts to protecting the cheater. It amounts to intimidation, thus perpetuation the problem. I agree that it is scopely’s job to deal with the cheaters/hackers but as has been said before, the community must band together against the cheaters.

Just like in real life, not reporting crime or criminal behavior condones it.


Not protecting anyone, I barely speak to that person. Actually I haven’t speak to him


Fair enough. I did not intend to say you were protecting anyone, even though it may have sounded like that. More of a general statement.

I too take the position that it is scopely’s job to clean up their game, as we are customers of their product, but I understand the need for community help in this endeavor.


That’s total overkill, damage wise. That isn’t legit at all.


You know most people are happy when a cheater is called out and reported…unless they plan on benefiting from said cheater. Really no other reason to call this guy a snitch for putting a cheater on blast. He didn’t wanna be blasted? Sorry guess he shouldn’t have blatantly shown everyone that he was a cheat better to get rid of him now with the region only just starting.


If you’re not reporting it, you’re condoning it. Kudos to the OP.


And you’re part of the problem.


Y u a dick?


If you’re not reporting it youre just as bad. Hacking and cheaters kill regions. Just ask coosa. My region for over a year and because of massive amounts of cheating, too many people to count have quit. Stop being so butthurt that your buddy is getting reported and called out. You say you don’t like hackers well… your childish name calling says otherwise. Boohoo.


Once again they could fix this super easy. Whenever a toon exceeds the current highest total in the game you immediately lock the account, investigate it, and if it’s been hacked you wipe it. If you put a stop to these cheaters right out of the gate people would stop doing them over and over. So do something already scopely.

Fix your game!


The S9++ is a dead give away… And the 2★ Ray’s


It’s probably him or a friend :joy::joy:


Nice pickup Sherlock :face_with_monocle::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We had the same thing happen in my region except the hacker’s were using 2★ Diane teams that were S9++


Absolute props to you sir.

This is exactly the sort of proof and attitude that is required for cheating to be stopped .
far to many people in regions turn a blind eye if the cheater is in their faction ,so it benefits them.

I left my faction as they let a known and proven cheat in,despite having been complaining about her the previous few months but began defending her when she helped them.

Hopefully scopley sorts this out quickly so you don’t have to leave your faction but either way don’t let the morons in the forum deter you away from reporting these cheats were not in school snitching isn’t bad


Had to be a nerd