Hacker faction in Dekalb again


A few people in one faction been reported by the whole region and nothing been done about it, all low prestige and have 10+ 6* some on tier 4 even stash legendaries, scoring 4 mil on level up, all without spending a penny, can only post 1 image it says so here’s the biggest one

Hackers in shelby region

We have a few people in our region like this.They say they got the characters from free offers tapjoy No one believes them and they been caught cheating be4.Not sure why exactly maybe they do maybe they really don’t.But you can tell also when they haven’t lost a fight in 2 years serious you’re that good huh? Just not buying it.Who knows why some aren’t banned and some are?


Yeah first time we found out a faction had hackers they got banned mid event, these have played sneaky until recently winning every solo event double what someone in second does


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