Hacker? (15 chars)


@JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin Please tell me that this is real! :roll_eyes:

Please ban the hackers…

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Looks like lot of low tier cards with few high at max slot with cheap buffs

heres mine

Hi Christopher, Your team is At 100 of 100. He is at 161 of 100…

Also higher stats Then allowed


So they are hacking and losing? Lol worst hacker award

I think this is a visual bug with the boom box character. I once raided a guy with only one boom box zombie and in the log it said I used 6.

43sec all walkers alive…

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I know Nemesis. He isn’t a hacker js.

Everything Ok in my attack logs and when others attacking me, No visual bugs. Only his attacks always look same. Damn he is good :wink:

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Is this a visual glitch too? I mean WTF when you get beaten by just 5 common walker cards and they are still alive while all the other teams who didn’t beat my defense with more than 15 walkers.

Edit: This guy is prestige 9

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This is a visual glitch its not a hacker.

It would be nice of the team to let us know if there is a visual problem, I don’t like calling people cheats if there not :man_shrugging:t3:

Reason this games community is trash y’all so quick to say people are hackers while hordes is legit new and has only been in game for one time so many bugs and glitches y’all should know by now scooply does everything poorly smh on the people who screen shots other people’s in game names with faction etc and post them here and falsely accusing them as hackers.


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