Hacked Account?

Noob here… Question is unrelated to TWD

So I received an email a couple weeks ago from Steam that someone tried to login my account from a different ip address. They suggested that I change email and steam passwords, which I did. Today I received another email with same issue.

Am I getting hacked? What can I do?


  1. Did you use a basic email address that can be easily hackable ? (yahoo etc…)
  2. Did you use a strong password ?
  3. Did you try an AV cleaning to see if you don’t have any harmful files in your computer ?
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If after changing email and password you’re still being attacked then you may have some spyware on your pc. Try using a different device to change credentials and see if you still get alerts

  1. Gmail… Should I use my work email?
  2. Not sure. Password is a Word and number
  3. Dont know what that is

I use steam on an Nvidia Shield

Will try from my work computer.

  1. Gmail should be fine
  2. Should be okay, although the more it goes, the more some websites ask for a password with special characters and lower/uppercase
  3. Any antivirus/malware/spyware scan

Are you using a VPN as well and try to connect around ? Could also be the reason why it says different IP’s.
I think that Steam is usually telling you the time when the login attempt was and the localisation, could be some false positive sometimes

No VPN. I dont think I ever logged in my Steam account on a pc. Last time I changed details was directly on the Nvidia Shield. I don’t care about my Steam account, Im more concerned about other login details.

Another good post on it people also been Ban*ed too

My firm also asks us to avoid consecutive letters, so rules out dates like “2005” or words like “food”. I guess also avoid obvious shit. I mean technically Pas$word1234 is complex, but hardly the most sophisticated…

Did you ever login on Steam through a device that doesn’t belong to you?


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