Hacked/ Account loss

Last night i had my Facebook hacked. I then struggled to get onto my facebook after messing around for a long while i got on my facebook. I signed into my game altho it said it switched accounts i was very troubled.

I then tried to log in it wouldnt log me in. Faction mates told me i had a crap team up. Turns out i was hacked and had my toons depot.

Scopely finally gave me access to the account this morning and 90% of my roster has gone and 99% of my weapons have gone.

Can Scopley fix this? Customer support arent answering me and its very frustrating.

@JB.Scopely @LadyGeek


Sadly no unless you had your roster S.S. but since they were depoted doubtful

I did have my roster SS

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Sorry bud :pray:

Mate I really hope they can help you that ain’t on at all :clap:t2:

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They can revert your account back a few days… but if they want to is another story, kinda doubtful


Deffo! Maybe screen shot an email from Facebook about the fact you got hacked ie when they said you have accessed in another location or something? That might help towards the case?

I can tell you where it was accessed and it wasnt where i am fron either. So i should send that too as proof i was hacked?

You have to work through the support team. Ask them to roll your account back.

@LadyGeek are they able to do that? Only need them to do it 24hours

Lmao so someone logged into your Facebook just so they can access your RTS and depot your toons and weapons. Maybe your significant other does not want you playing this game anymore lol.


Or rage quit…been there done that… regrets

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lol this was actually my first thought, seen quite a few people do it.

Why would i rage quit? Onslaught just got released and I’d pulled Green Rick.

Im in a decent faction and was looking forward to CRW.

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