Hacked account hackkkeddd

So I get on my phone last week only to see that someone somehow took my account and switch it with a brand new one. I contact Scopley and they were able to verify my information and give me my account back. Next day I wake up again and the same thing happened. So I contact Scopley again, but this time they cannot verify my device that I play on. I’ve been playing this game on 2 devices, yet neither one of scopley would accept and has been giving me the run around. I think they want me to verify what device the hacker used. How the hell do I do that? And why would they give me my account back the first time? Scopley is the worse gaming company ever.

Am I getting Deja Vu or did I see this posted a while back?

Sounds like they complained also and Scopely gave it back to him/her, oops.

This happened to me last week. Made me realize I played this game too much. I almost fell like it’s an inside job, maybe to sell accounts. Who knows.

I do not see any real purpose behind “hijacking” an account. Either you lost or gave away your smartphone, account code or scopely simply messed up something when you reported your game account has been “hacked”. There is no important banking infos saved ingame neither anyone can access your banking details without the phone that has been used to play the game.

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maybe your code is leaked.
hacker can login without facebook by using code

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