Hack or bugs ? In server Hale



Good evening to all … I wanted to point this bug? or cheat? in server Hale (es) …a player of the Red Army faction has a blue weapon with stun when you take an attack

Confunde ist stun in Spanish

There are also videos where you can see that the weapon actually stun, so it’s not a graphic bug but a bug in the game and or Hack

I hope I can solve … good game


Idk if it’s real but here is a historic thread claiming the same.


It means confuse



when can i get one.


I have absoutley no idea why you think Confunde is stun in Spanish. I think that one is pretty self explanatory. So if this weapon is stunning your toons we have a bigger problem then you know because…



Confuse or stun, does it really matter? Does either go on a blue weapon from legit crafting?


yes it does matter because from the sounds of it OP has no idea what hes talking about. or the gun said confuse and it stunned someone. or its just photo shop.


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