Hack in Marshall Region

Here’s another hacker in Marshall region. That’s impossible for an account like this, recently created.


Please Scopely, check this account.

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Sorry, I’m new here, and made a mess with the uploads. Look at his/her points at level up event.

Marchau da Depressão , LOL


Here’s another hacker: he has many legendary characters, but look at his raids and Prestige.


IMG-20180416-WA0001 He also has Morgan’s Staff and Rick’s Shiva Revolver.

Please Scopely, investigate his account. Marshall region is infested!

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Por isso que abandonei as regiões brs de cada 10, 11 são hacks askoapskokaops

And he is getting the first prize…


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Difícil mesmo. Na Marshall mesmo tem muitos. A maioria se esconde, mas tem até os assumidos que não se sentem ameaçados pelo suporte da Scopely.


Please, can u do something about the hacker, #1 in level up tournament?

Hack wins (3rd place) in Marshall… :angry:

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