Habilities problems of some characters

Two of my characters have lost some of their habilities, those characters are Rosita alert and yellow revival tyreese, tyreese cant revival since i upgraded him to six stars and rosita dont heal the extra 30 % on the next turn of his adrenaline rush, and other players with the same characters dont have any problems with those characters its only with me

Have you maxed out their AR? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect both those abilities are gained at later levels of the AR


Did you level their rush to unlock their habilities?


You gotta use hability trainers to upgrade their habilities.


Yeah their HABILITIES We need HABILITIES maxed to heal and revive

Upgrade habilities using hability trainers, the English lengueg veri gud fren

Rush needs to be level 3 for rosita

Yellow ty has to have is ability level 3 to be able to revive a team mate

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