Habersham didn't win second place?!

I wish Scopely could do basic math.

it doesn’t appear they did… whats your point?

I don’t want 5 whole ■■■■■■■ weeks of miserable wars just to not even get the promised prize

but your region is not second what is the problem

Go back to the other chat so we can argue in one place!


I am in Rockdale lmao

Go to other chat. Habersham won 2nd

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then why are you mentioning that other region whats the problem

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oh i looked and see the problem now. i apologise for dumbness aeris

Good (Characters)

fear not, all us losers get it (i am in forsyth):

  • All other regions that participated in the finals (Habersham, Rockdale, Lee, Forsyth, and Chambers will receive a separate avatar marking their participation in the Finals.
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Where’s our forum merger when we need them

Dude, it literally says that Habersham gets the losers one too! What?!
Also, why only 5 regions get the losers avatar? I thought there were 6 losing regions?!

i like your profile picture btw it reminds me of anubis

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It’s my jackal fursona, thanks.
Wasn’t drawn by me though, but I do make art (I post the worst stuff I make here usually lol)

maybe reread what i posted?? because its exactly what you are trying to say also.
I was pointing out to the poster who was complaining about not getting the promised reward (avatar) by showing that we ALL get it.

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The losers get a different one.

i think it’s safe to say, we are all losers for falling for the promises of ToC.


Our region has placed 1st in every non TOC CRW and 2nd in (almost) every TOC war. So what gives?

My quiet little region was swarmed with whales and grifters and the vibe was ruined. I can atleast expect the right avatar for weeks of suffering.

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