Guys, stop creating new topics, if possible


Kali is away for 21h, she posted 2 days ago for the last time. All important issues you’ve been enlightening over here during weekend are heading to the void. Nobody loves to be ignored for sure, but everyone have weekends and stuff like that. Lets just wait for a single replie from LiveOps or Shane and then addressing problems. Respect yourselves comrades!



@discobot fortune
Will we get any response today ^^,?

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:crystal_ball: Outlook good

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So you thought you’d help by creating an even less important thread & pushing relevant topics even further into the void?

Get this monkey an extra banana.

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I thought I could stop this by inviting all the angry kids over here to express how bad and lonely they feel, yeah

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31th* eh

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Pretty good trap, that’s a machiavellian strat !

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Aww you think so ? :smirk:IMG_1245

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