Guys look at the new war rewards!


Oh wait, its still just 5* tokens!!!

CRW Rewards UGH



Whetstone seriously 100k rewards ?


Unbelievable… They need to just put the shotgun to the servers and blow this game up, it would be faster than the slow death we are all suffering through now…


Didn’t we get a canteen/gps for 100k in the region war we just had?? @kalishane


Bahahahaha. Beyond laughable, the games main attraction is fighting for useless tokens and a single whetstone? It’ll be 8 regions too no doubt



Ouch. Where are those Canteens and GPS at least @kalishane


Fight with your region… for 500 elite item tokens and a grenade


Not. Surprised.

Further scopely disappointment. Why bother.


Thankfully it’s a shorter war. Don’t have to waste my whole weekend fighting for trash.


Ur gonn get banned for saying that lolol




3 Bennys for 50k :slight_smile:


Wow… :frowning:


The point of playing a game is to have fun. I have fun not wasting many hours on war :slight_smile:


My precious memes :sob:


I will laugh at extreme coiners fighting for their double fodders lmao


I’ve been laughing at them xD


Is this the recourse for the level up milestones? Lololol.


This is so bad. We need a change somehow. Clearly this forum isn’t doing us any good.