Guo Pictures in muesum?

Wondering when be able cash in our cakes for Guo pictures?

Probably a week or two after he leaves promo

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The cards/collectables has always been in the cratw the same week.
The issue is that scopley has programmed the boxes to contain max 6 items and theyre too lazy to fix it. Otherwise the cards wouldve already been in the box.

It may be incompetence, but it shouldve been fixed right away. Or just they could just include a second crate so u can pick between the two…

Playerbase first as always…

Incorrect they always go in the crate after the promo ends…first couple times was right after it ended and the last time they waited a week or two after


If the boxes can only contain 6 items, what has to go to make room for Guo?
And in a few months when we have 20 S Class collections, then what?

Something needs to be done about this system. Otherwise you cut off access to toons for the players.

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Are you suggesting Scopely show some foresight? Ludicrous.

Clearly they expect us all to spend spend spend and finish the first six collections asap so that, when they are replaced by another six, we have a full set from the first collections.

I know - but it was worth a shot right :wink:

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