Gun's of glory refusing to pay the promised reward

Hi guys, I restarted playing your game recently and I really love that game. I decided to take an offer on the offerwall. I have filled «gun’s of glory» reward ( get castle to level 15 ) in exchange for gold in «walking dead». I even bought packs to fulfill that quest. I have completed my part but never received my reward. After a lot of time spent on writing to these guys, i still don’t have my reward and i’m a bit angry about being caught by a false ads. That does not give me trust to invest more in games. Can you suggest this partner to fulfill his promises. thank you for your time

Try getting it to level 16. Some dont pay out till ur the level past it the one they want.

Did they say why it didnt pay

Yes, it’s because they say I play the game with Bluestack… What I don’t understand in that, is that my payments are well accepted by gun’s of glory… but when it’s time to pay the reward, they say that bluestack players are not eligible. If it is the case, Why don’t they inform players at the start and with are they accepting payments from Bluestack players? They also told me that I fulfilled the quest… Level 15 was enough.

Sounds like you need to take that up with gog

Level it to 16 and if still no pay out then tell them you will be getting a refund and get a refund.

Because you have to inform yourself by reading their ToS (Guns of Glory), which you have probably accepted when you started to “play”. As How2Zombies already mentioned, get a refund or get in contact with Tapjoy. Since you’re using an emulator you will not have much success.

Thank you everybody for your answers

Yeah thats bs. Ive done that offer playing on bluestacks before

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