Guns of glory/kings of Avalon/rise of kingdoms

I have huge offers available for those 3 games in varying difficulties… reaching level 19, level 14, level 10 in each game… anyone played either of these games, know which takes longest to level up etc? Will have to spend in those games to be able to complete offers?

Rise of Kingdoms took me longest, little more than 3 weeks of free play to get it.

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Im doing kings of avalon now, i may start gins of glory also. Im at level 10 in kings, so far its easy if you put all research/upgrades into econ and stuff to build as fast as can.


I started guns and at level 6 in 20 min. Have a faction mate that finished it in few days, she bought just few offers to do it, but worth the 19k coins.


Did Guns of Glory in about 4 days. Spent on a few speed up offers. Just disappointed I started on Friday as the 12k coins would be much more with the weekend enhancements.

However, I’d previously done an offer for another chum game with a dragon that was identical so I knew how to focus on smashing through the levels as quick as posisble

Ohh no sorry :pensive: I was waiting for the 2x to start them I think Avalon is the dragon one that’s identical to guns of glory… any tips on how to complete it faster besides buying speed up offers?

Focus on building, research and resource gathering boost upgrades. This is guns and glory but kings of avalon is the exact same with a different skin. I played for 30 min and im on level 8 castle in guns and glory. No spending and i will be done in a week or 2 with both games. Dont worry about defense, attack, etc much. Put as much as you can in building and resources and research


War and Magic!

Dont bother tapjoy wont pay. I spent 10 dollars on different in-app purchases and lvled from fresh acc to castle 14 in 2h


If so, you can get your money back. It also takes a bit of time. After 48 hours i think it is, message support

Seems if you spend on really good beginners offers in app and complete the offer in a day thier system flags you as cheater :smiley:


Fresh account, had you did an offer for guns of glory before?

I earned almost 20k coins this weekend from multiple offers… I’m waiting on 2 more offers to pay another 24k coin.

Lmfao! Thats so silly, show them you spent which is why you finished so fast and if not issued the coins you can get a refund and file a complaint against tapjoy and the dev/pub of the game. Dont think for one second that just because its a game they can get away with stuff like this

Never played before, didnt even have an account with that company.

It’s kind of unfair that people can still get offers with google

I did all three of these. They probably took about 2-3 weeks each.

Bear in mind that Tapjoy will only give you one reward per game so, if you have multiple offers for the same game, make sure you go for the biggest (or not, if you want a quicker result).

Obviously, any time you spend playing these games encourages people to advertise with Tapjoy and, ultimately, provides income to Scopely. Just saying.

I had to pay about $70 but I needed up with 62,000 coins… so not totally free

Ended* not needed

No, it was King’s of Avalon. But possibly there are three

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In terms of tips, lots of the limited time events and in-game missions reward speed ups (Imagine that, a game giving genuinely useful rewards) and loads of resources (which you will start to need around Level 12 or 13). Focus on those.

Also be smart with your building. Run longer builds overnight/at work and safe speed ups for powering through the shorter builds. Aim to always have both construction queues building something.

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