Gun for ezekiel league toon


I have one with:
Defense 30%
Huge ap when atack

Any other ideas?


What u saying? Also u gotta wait for the image to load before u send.


Yeah sorry im noob on the forum… I mean any ideas for a gun for this toon


There are three basic options for alert character weapons:

  1. Stun on defence and some other stuff
  2. Stun on defence and some other other stuff
  3. Stun on defence and some different other stuff


Stun while defending
Huge Ap on attack / defence
+35% defence

Probably be best using a Desert Eagle.
I’ve put defence mods on mine.

  1. Who is ezequiel?
  2. How do you have confuse on a gun?


Perfectly summed up :joy:


Stun huge 35 hp


you can get creative since his lead will keep him alive. You can make a blunting deagle with 40%, a prepared deagle with 35% and huge ap on def, stun on def with 40 def, and that’s about it actually.


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