Guide on Using and Collecting Rings

Can be found here:


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Bump for those in the American timezone

One thing I didn’t post on the guide that is worth noting is that the League trophies gained in the Champions arena won’t be gained for league placement unless you are online in the 2 hours in between the Champions Arena finishing and the League ending.
Because… Well… Scopely developers can’t program to save their lives.

Links to future articles will be posted on this forum for the time being.

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What does this mean:

Warning Promoting a toon through a level up milestone rather than passing it with a normal level up, will mean that you miss that milestone. I read this on the Scopely forum and then confirmed it myself.

If you pass a level up milestone due to a promotion, you won’t receive that milestone. You need to pass it with a normal level up.

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I’ll bump it one last time in case anybody has missed it.

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