Guess what comrades ! Next event is


Solo level up :joy::joy::joy:


Booo, 300 less 5* tokens compared to last LU for top 500.





At least engagement reports are coming back strong.


Get ready for having these often. We want to make it less about having to wait for them and more of a way for you to get what you’re looking for at mostly any given time.

Change is comin’

Are we getting a response?
Are we getting a response?
:rebel: VK Event Calendar[Solo Survival Road Start 25.12.2017 at 20:00 on Moscow time]
Are we getting a response?
Are we getting a response?

Have guys thought it through well? The winners will stay the same, only the prizes will get worse. Basically making background activity like SR an territories from a complete solid event once.


What about faction level ups?


If this is the new norm, the milestones have to be adjusted and/or museum items such as the Dwight vests have to be divested from the prizes. Nobody will have the resources to hit milestones in 3 events in one week at the current state to complete a collection if that is all there is. Now if they’re going to be ancillary to SR or God forbid an actual raid tourney for a change…


what does this EVEN MEAN?

Why are we even in factions???

Are the prizes going to continue to be terrible since it will happen more often???


This actually make getting he valuable gear harder because the milestones are higher and less chance of YGL. While it’s awesome for the rank reward prizes, it hurts us getting the milestones.


Are milestones coming down to reflect that? A huge portion of the feedback players have given repeatedly, for many months, is that resources are terribly depleted and the frequency of level ups has increased. The lower milestones have been removed and increased tenfold, rendering them inaccessible to lower players, while the overall quality has dropped significantly as the higher ones have increased by EIGHT times what they used to be.


:man_facepalming: oh no


To drive participation and boost revenue, the natural thing is to:

  • decrease milestone requirements and stay with the same level of prizing, or;

  • keep current milestone requirements and increase the level of prizing, or;

  • increase BOTH milestone and BOTH prizing for placements and milestone

Otherwise, your reports are really going to show a lot of solo-level-up-fatigue real fast.


only because of the leather vests i am assuming


Why are level ups becoming the norm when the whole community is begging for less level ups and lower milestones. Sighhhh


Where’s the calendar? That was helpful.


Please, @kalishane if we’re going to have MORE solo level ups, have the team lower the milestones. On my region, with 9 hours left in this level up, the highest score is just 500k. There’s just not enough food or gear to keep up with the milestones and their sky high requirements. Even our regions bigger whales aren’t paying for this one.


I can’t get what I’m looking for when;

a). you don’t release details of what is coming, when, and what the rewards will be. Simply announcing a level up is not detailed enough


b). the increasingly impossible milestones are running alongside my ever decreasing resources and ability to reach any of them in the latest level up

It seems that you’ve just lost touch with reality with regards to what many of us can now achieve. e.g. my current level up score is just over 50k and I’m still in the top one hundred (I don’t expect to stay there because I’ll be asleep when it ends). It appears that my entire region is pretty much bankrupt of resources right now.


This game has gone from mildly annoying to outright ridiculous…who exactly is asking for more solo level ups??? Do you even communicate with “the team”? Does this so-called “team” even exist? I just can’t with this game right now…