Guess it was seeing the future

My fac decided to take a break from this war since a few of us have some real life things to deal with and with this Priya and vet rings coming, i think a longer break will be better. Sad to see scopely destroy such an amazing game and sad to see some people support it. Theirs actually a few people who are quitting and not going to war already. Guess it will be money well spent on Priya and vet rings. Not like it matters anyways, what will i miss out on? A Vincent? A Sergio? Oh no! :sob: my ego cant take the loss, what ever will i do?! Anyways what will you be doing?

  • Gonna war really hard for Vincent
  • Gonna take a break
  • Gonna give scopely money

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Well, normally I’d be warring all day and get like 500k, but this time I’ll just stop at 200k, this isn’t worth it

I’ll stop at the minimum for rewards lol

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I’m also on vacation… I said I’ll be on to help the guys out… But yeah really feel like scopley have put the final nail in the coffin on this one tbh

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

I want you to take it to the team, people are going to stop feeding the whales and then you will have a bigger problem when they cant eat. Mark my words.


JBs too scared to reply, just another useless employee that’ll disappear


dont hurt his feelings lol :joy:

Sorry i couldn’t help myself with that Vincent option lol :joy:

Best damn thing right now will be to go casaul in game or uninstall the app

first the sclass, then vet rings now this stat boost. Dude the balance is beyond repairable.

Yup, im going casual now, no point in trying to keep up and im not feeding the whales, was fun while it lasted, was a great game, on to the next tho


I’m doing one last war then retiring next week.

I only have 2 6 stars so i will be warring, but RTS is going to die after this war. Inbrace the end of RTS!

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Gonna give them Monopoly Money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or get a you know what since they seem to not want to display odds and change stats after the toons already in game

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