Guess I'll Quit

While reading about S-Class Priya I dropped my phone and broke it. Sign from the heavens? Probably.


Take care!

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The end is near


You stole my SS lol. I have another of her on thier team.

OK now you are just spamming with same message in every thread, why?

Dont cuss like that these children get upset :rofl:

You ■■■■■■■ deal half damage to any toon with that 5.7k damage.

Lmao true

Lol spend more

Those are not his.

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It was autofl@gged most probably, since you used f#ckers

Oof I hope scopely gives priya a big nerf. At least give her high attack and low def. A p2p combo of priya is Double maxed s class, DM s class priya, Red negan, Harrison, And wayland. That be a op ass combo.

:musical_note: :musical_note:
Na na na na
Na na na na
Hey hey hey
:musical_note: :musical_note:

Wtf do you need Harrison for?

Yeah keep on hoping :joy:

Idk it just came to mine. Harrison for that bonus hp.

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