Guareenteed six star per forty pull


@JB.Scopely it’s clearly time to change the guareenteed five star toon per forty pull to a guareenteed six star per forty. I mean the game has changed. Guareenting a five star per forty pull would be like guareenting a four star per forty pull back before six stars. At the very LEAST, it should be a guareenteed five star ascendable per forty.


I would start pulling again then… But for time being never doing a 40 pull again @JB.Scopely


Not good idia.Its make even more difrences beteen f2p and p2w


Just give out 6* beta. He sucks enough no one will complain about people getting him guaranteed


I didn’t say it had to be the premier but yea when you spend $100 you should get at least a Jessie or a fifth Mirabelle. A guareenteed five star right now is a joke.


@JB.Scopely this should tell you guys something about how the game is right now.


I mean when you spend $200 going to Rosie and Marlon and end up with Timothy, decap Abraham and Vernon… kind of makes you think about what your doing :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


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