Guardian Zeke - Optimal AR/Active Level On Defense?


So I just ascended my 6* Zeke and trying to optimize his guardian shield on Defense. Is it best to keep his AR at 1 so he has a chance to apply a shield for as many turns as possible? Is it best to keep his Active Skill low so he doesn’t use a turn to remove impair? Or does anyone think it doesn’t really make a difference?

Curious to hear your comments.


I maxed his AR, that 60% defense/crit is pretty damn strong. it’ll allow him to easier proc guardian afterwards. I didn’t bother with his active.


Adrenaline or Active Skill, it doesn’t matter when it’s about Specialist Skill.

Simply give Ezekiel a Crit boosting leader (Such as 6* Barker), and, as a good bonus, a crit-based weapon (Precise Kukri is the best instance of a Fast Crit Weapon!) and Ezekiel will be able to Guard two teammates, regardless of what level or Tier he is.

But as @robjd2 mentioned above, it is recommended to improve his Adrenaline levels to boost his team’s and his critical attack chances so his shields are guaranteed every turn, as well as boosting the defense by 60% constantly.


His AR is absolutely needed.

+60 defense behind Carl is designed to keep him alive

Zeke behind a + attack lead, dies on round 1


Yup definitely up the ar some, but not the active. Whether or not to max the rush is debatable


His rush is especially great against blues, and ups your whole teams damage output while coming close to guaranteeing Guardian II firing afterwards, alongside adding another layer of tankiness to the team.


Yeah just think of the use with Dwight and Alpha, balance is so broken in this game when 95% of the best stuff is concentrated in 3-4 characters


Max his ar. The crit boost will basically garantee his guardians keep popping. Give him kuriki with abs def and huge ap when attacking. His rush is also recently powerful against blues and defense adds some tankiness to the crew.