Guardian. When hitting to remove shield...a status...?


So I’ve been attacking toons to remove there guardian shields.
But it seems if they have a stun weapon…and I hit it…my toon gets stunned.
Surely this is right…I’m hitting the shield not say Mirabelle…so why are my toons getting the status…

Is this a bug?
I know we have talked about guardian and status when attacking and causing status…
But what about hitting a guardiened character and getting status on your own toons.


In other words, you hit a character with a stun gun and you expect not to be stunned because the enemy has a Guardian shield?


That’s how I feel it should work just like your weapon like stun atk shouldn’t work either. I believe they responded to this once before and said it’s working as intended.


Stun attack doesn’t work because you’re applying damage at the same time. Stun gun when taking damage should apply regardless of having Guardian or not.


You misunderstood what the fix was for.


The fix was never about confuse. The fix was about ARs that had a damage and non-damaging components where there isn’t an equal amount of targets for both components.

The examples they gave her Shiva/Priya, because those were two of the more common characters that were affected by the change. Priya’s AR hits 1 enemy, but confuses 3 enemies. Shiva hits 1 enemy, but confuses 2 enemies. Previously, Guardian was blocking confuse on all 3 enemies for Priya, both enemies for Shiva. The fix made Guardian only block confuse on the target that was hit, but not the other 2 enemies for Priya, and not the 1 other enemy for Shiva. Characters like new Sandy and Hershal were also affected by this, so it isn’t exclusive to just confuse.


Which characters are you using? Are you using an AR or active skill.


But what if they other 2 for Priya or other 1 for Shiva were guardian shielded as well? Would the confuse still work on them?


No, I explained that already.


The definition is actually when attacking and when being attacked. Damage is not in the definition for weapon proc.

You are attacking a toon whether or not guardian is in place. If you use ‘because damage is being blocked’ then absolute defense should also stop a application of stun, but it does not.

Regardless whatever they decide to code makes it what it is, but I disagree with their hodge podge application of it works for the defensive toon but not the offensive toon.

If in essence the atk is blocked by guardian, then the when attacked should not be triggered as the toon had not been attacked cause if it was stun when attacking should be valid.


Hmm I get what ya mean what I think is funny I guess makes sense too is when you confuse a group and 6* zeke is one of them and he criticals his own team still grants them 2 shields. It adds sort of a fail safe I guess against confusion taking over totally but still kind of cracks me up!


Is this confusion attempt alongside damage? If it is, then the expected behavior is to prevent confuse and pop the shield. The confuse only will bypass shield if the shielded target ISN’T receiving ANY DAMAGE.


While it is true that the damage is not in the definition for weapon proc, Guardian overrules it. Guardian isn’t just absolute defense, it is an absolute defense that can block status effects too. Based on how Guardian works, it favors the defender rather than the offender.


Agree with you, Wanderer.


I have been noticing this too. Guardian shield blocking Shivas confuse even when confuse is not paired w damage. EX. 3 characters defending. I kill one target with Shivas rush. The other 2 (with guardian shield) do not get confused. ( I thought this was a known bug w a fix coming)

Also another question.
Does the original target determine if Shivas extra confuse pops or not? Aka if my Shiva uses her rush on a toon with Guardian, after the first damage and confuse is blocked by guardian as expected, should the 2nd confuse still be applied to a different character?

(Sorry to jack your thread @Rob7274 but I think u got your answer. Which is Yes it’s working as intended. You can still stun yourself on a guardian shield)


+1 same thing happened, damage + (impair, stun, confuse) obviously was patched not to apply, but guardian blocks other status effects even if it is not applied with damage. Thing is, from what I saw, if unit gives a single unit damage + status, it affects like it is damage + status related to other toons too. Which means if priya hit one unit damage + sonfuse, with guardian skill applied, other 2 with guardian applied blocks status effect too - without removing applied guardian ofcourse.


Update 9 or those already in beta should have guardian working properly.

We non beta are still on version 8.


That’s cool if it’s supposed to be this way.

Just wondered…
I thought of guardian as a sort of object you had to remove.
So therefore hit a shield would not techinacally be hitting the person.


YES that’s also how I would need to perceive it for any of the logic to make sense, but it’s still situational. But oh well Scopely exists in some strange land


Its still broken.

Tested over and over.