Guardian shield still displayed [logged]


On wyatt on the def team …even after you hit him multiple times… he does take dmg tho like it was removed… it’s just a visual glitch.


I too have seen it happen few times.


Im pretty certain its only wyatt.


If you can get a video of this happening, that would be appreciated. Will take a look into seeing if we can repro though. Thanks for posting.


I sent in a pic as well to support a few days ago. I think it’s a bug because I could still take him down even with the guardian up


It’s definitely a bug, just need to figure out how to reproduce it so that @CombatDevIl can fix it


I think it has to do with attacking fast, it happens to me often. Let’s say Carl has the guardian shield, if I remove it with Miras Adrenalin rush, then attack straight after with Dwight, it’ll still remain a few times.


It must be fixed now cuz i dueled the same team just now with that wyatt in it and the guardian shield comes off now… did it 3x to make sure… all 3 times wyatt got guardian shield and when i hit him it came off…


Just happened me in the most recent war, and it’s more than just a visual bug. While damage can still be dealt on attack, negative statuses can’t. I have a video, unfortunately I only set up the recorder after I noticed something was up. By this point I had hit him wiith Abe’s taunt and Rosita’s impair, both to no effect.

As you can see he was hit squarely with Mira’s rush but wasn’t stunned. Also those buff % seem off. 178%? 224%?
@CombatMan I can’t put my finger on how it happened but it seemed to occur when Zeke’s applied Guardian in the same turn that Wyatt rushed and applied Pain Split to Zeke. Will keep an eye out for it in future battles.


Yea thats when I seem to notice it happening too


Same here


Concur it is happening. The guardian is showing even after a hit. And statuses aren’t always applied.


Will do further testing around this today. Thanks for the video, Aegris


Was able to reproduce the bug. Thanks for all the info.


I recorded the bug for ya during this weekend CRW.
Can we expect a fix anytime soon?

Maybe you can also look into the “giant toon” issue as well as setting the attack order of animations to reflect the actual attack order.

Not here to make a list, only a reminder.


The list would be so much longer.

I had 3 instances of toons ignoring stun/confuse and rushing during one war. And no, I didn’t get a video, I was busy warring.


Indeed it would be long, I thought about helping out and listing all those small but sweet bugs that need attention since 1947, but then I realized that I am paying scopely, not the other way around. So Im just here to remind that they are not doing their job very well. They´ll probably fix and break Tripp another 3 times before late 2018.


Yep, Guardian issue has been fixed and it will be on a future update. Same for Tripp, and I hope we don’t break him anymore


While we are at it, is there a chance that in the future when I auto in a raid when I have 5 toons left and my opponent has 1, that Ty and Dwight both won’t use their active skill impair AND Wyatt doesn’t use his taunt all on the same turn?


The issue is back it ha-pended multiple times in crw with zeke or any toon with guardian 2