Guardian shield bug... Not! (solved)

When i mix my team so that it contains a guardian I and guardian II toon i can only get a maximum of 2 shields / round even though the total should be 3.

So when i crit with my gII first i get 2 shields. If my second gI attacks afterwards with a critical hit i get no additional shield.

Likewise if i attack with the gI first i get 1 shield but then a crit with my gII in the same round only awards one shield.

Is the amount of shields/turn limited on purpose or is this a bug? And have any of you gus encountered the same problem?

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Limit per turn is set to the highest guardian skill you have in your team.

guardian 2 Max = 2 regardless of how many other guardians you have.

See the thread of combat mechanics and such.


Oh ok thats a shame :confused:

Internet etiquette lives on! (retitled thread)

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Hahah gj thank you :sweat_smile: if only scopely explained such details in the ingame description of the skill so people dont have to constantly look through the forums …

Yeah if only they knew they have a wiki…

The limit is good otherwise a team of guardians would just mean god mode and that would be no fun

I would rather have a team of 5 guardians than one abs defence with a stun weapon …

Edit: i mean if you focus one char at a time the other 4 shields are wasted (except for area dmg ofc) but having half your team stunned for 2 rounds after the fist attack fucks you up way more imo