Guardian nerfed


Honestly there is a bigger point to this fix, before hand it made toons like 5* mirabelle completely useless with guardian skill active as her stun ar would not remove the shield or damage any toon or stun them before fix ,so at least nowhere ar is viable again


I’m still waiting on my resources to be refunded for ascending 6* Abe before Guardian got its buff [or “fix” rather], rendering him useless on defense and in many cases, attack.


I feel for the ones who ascended for those reasons.
And it was very confusing.

I think the right call was made and Eziekel is still a amazing toon.


I have Zeke and thought guardian blocked way too much and I don’t have an issue with this.

Not a scopely supporter but stop crying, wah wah give me my resources back. Guardian 2 is still very good and annoying.


I agree with you, i criticize Scopely many times in different threads but this is not one of them. My zeke is 3.50 atm and i’ve spent gear, food, toons etc. to get him to this point and i am ok with this change and don’t want a refund at all. Zeke and Guardian II is fine still.


Scopely have to decide how a certain specialist skill / AR effect should work and announce it here. They need to post current skills right now. Someday evasion pops up and noone fully understands how it works or what can happen in evasive, pain split or maim damage. Then people get confused by all of these mechanics because there is so much unknown about them. They need to explain how does a skill work before releasing it. That way community can point them about possible bugs by asking them and prevent bugs even before happening.

I ll start a thread about this to get more attention from scopely to get this skill guide so no more confusions happen if they do that.



All ARs that damage 1 target and give effects to any additional target will be affected by it.


I think most people now got how it actually works.

But still it seems a bit inconsistent. 5* Mirabelles rush goes through and stuns. 6* Mirabelles rush (and Scopely announced that the rushes will improve when ascending) won’t, because it is tied to a damage instance.
Or Shiva: The main target of her rush will not be stunned, won’t take damage but get the shield destroyed. The secondary target has the shield up still but will get stunned.
Barkers Rush is now usefull to clear shields (well that is what i do, since the Bleed doesn’t work against all those Ezekiels out there).

I imagine a rush as multiple instances. As an example, let’s take Shivas rush. On the primary target you have a damage instance and a status instance.
The most consistent solution to my mind, would be, that a Guardian shield only blocks the damage instance but not the status instance. This would also align to how I understand the description of the guardian skill.
But as a consequence, this would also mean, that status changing weapon effects go through.

I definitely see, how you built up your (programming) logic around this. It’s really not that trivial.


If you recall guardian shield is older than ARs damage 1 and status effect additional targets.
By the time guardian was launched, we only had ARs that either damage and status effect X targets or only status effect X targets, and shield was designed to nullify attacks and damaging AR only.

So, for the sake of consistency, we kept doing it when we introduced damage 1 and status effect X, but Priya’s ARs like were overlooked and causing this issue we have addressed on 9.0.


It was actually working fine for both 5* and 6* Mirbelle. From what I’m reading, the new fix was only targeted for a rare few characters who apply more status effects than actual targets hit. E.g.: Priya.


Both Mirabelle ARs aren’t being affected by this fix.


I Ai think the main issue here I see that when the guardian shield was initially patched, players scrambled to ascend toons that gave crits n guardian 2 as players understood that to mean that guardian was being given a boost. At that point, the forums was abuzz with how powerful scopely made guardian. And no one in the development team came up to quickly quash it and inform the players that this was actually a bug that was going to be patched.

As such, I would dare say that majority of the players who ignored their guardian seek immediately rushed toascend him, and related toons such as Barker. I strongly believe a lot of hoarded up ascendancy materials such as medals and excess 5*, even those that normally would not have been ascension fodder, went into ascending him.

So players are definitely upset as they now have to grind out further to ascend other toons now, and having lost their precious resources.

So in a certain sense, of course players are going to be upset, as what they perceived to be a bait and switch. The ball is in scopely court to at least mitigate this situation, as intentionally or not the change was done and information not released earlier, Scopely once again lost our trust.


These things seem to happen on the weekly with them. I still really want my stuff back for ascending a useless character as he now does not help in any way against the multiple confuse characters.


Seems a good few of us been stung by that one. Need fodder to ascend Ty now :sob:


I have Eziekel and still think he’s great.

But better communication would be helpful for the future


This fix really only affects a very small amount of characters.

  1. Priya
  2. Sandy 5*/6*
  3. Jeremiah 6*
  4. Shiva 6*
  5. Wyatt 5*

There might be more, but characters with a damage and non-damage status effect components are relatively new.

Characters with non-damaging status effect components like 5* Mirabelle, 5* Hershal, 5* Magna, etc had Guardian 2 already working perfectly for them. This fix was to make it consistent that since 5* Mirabelle’s AR still stuns the enemy even if they have Guardian, it should be consistent that Priya’s AR still confuses 2 others.

It’s pretty obvious when they label something as a “fix”, when it is really a buff/nerf. When Guardian was originally “fixed” to block status effects, that was a clear buff towards Guardian. However, this fix is an actual fix because Guardian was acting inconsistently between two different types of ARs. This isn’t a “nerf” simply because players were clambering about how good Guardian was. (It still is very good.)


I’m glad that really sucked that it blocked confuse but it didn’t take away guardian.


It didn’t block specifically blocked confuse, the fix just happened to affect Priya who happens to have confuse in her AR.


I know this is an old one @CombatDevIl but when attacking an enemy that has a stun on defense weapon you CAN be stunned. Happened to me several times recently. I know it says ‘when being attacked, a better chance to stun’ and I guess they are actually being attacked even though it is 0 damage?

But then wouldn’t that hold true for attacking someone with a stun on attack weapon? It says ‘When attacking, a better chance to stun’. If the guardian shield is ‘preventing’ the attack then it shouldn’t hold true for either attack or defend stun. If it’s not ‘preventing’ the attack but simply putting the damage to 0 then it should again hold true the same way for that too :slight_smile:

Unless this was changed since then and I just missed it. oops


No, its always been a possibility to get stunned if you hit a red with stun gun which currently has guardian attached to them. It only negates damage, their AR (on defence) still goes up as well.