Guardian nerfed

Continuing the discussion from [9.0] Patch Notes [Beta]:

Your thoughts on this guys ? It was the only thing made zeke feel like mid tier character, now it’s gone huehuehue.

Could you check on this please ?
The update before last said this …
Why would it say this for it then to be changed back ? Most people wouldn’t have put work into guardians if this was the case


Yeah this is a huge change, esp coming after many of us invested resources in guardian toons (6* zeke for one example). It’s like a silent nerf after you Said in the last notes that not impacting status effects was a bug!


This made me laugh. GJ JAB.

Thanks for clarifying, it was my main question but I struggle with expressing myself in English from time to time

Agreed, I probably wouldn’t have ascended him if that had been the case.


Tag @CombatDevIl, he is the one that codes

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My only 6* is Zeke and I ascended him for this very reason. This $ucks.

I’m contacting $upport for my 7 benedicts and green Abe back.


i want my 8 benedicts back so i can choose a different character to upgrade now. This is a bad nerf and i would not have ascended zeke had guardian not been improved you can check when it was that i ascended zeke to verify this.


Combatdevil explained this before, guardian shield still blocks if the ar or attack does damage, but not on just status alteration.

Now if you have 3 ppl guarded and lets say priya hits one with her ar, ofc the target doesnt take dmg or get confused. Problem was that the shield on the other two also blocked the confuse even if they didnt take any dmg.

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Please, check my answer here When is the beta update 9.0 out?


You’re talking about 2 different changes that happened to Guardian.

The 1st change(buff) was that Guardian now blocks status effects. The 2nd change(nerf) is a little unclear in the sense that Guardian now doesn’t block status effects if there is no damage that occupies it. The explanation they gave logically didn’t make any sense unless I misread it.

Makes perfect sense:)

So it’s basically confuse and active stun/impair buff rather then guardian nerf, wuut

Could you decode the start time on Blitz while your here?:wink:

I don’t have access to the game server, this information is in there. Then, no. :frowning:

so my shield will not be confused but two others will still be … its back to square one anyway. i would not have ascended him if i had known this was the way it was. i would have ascended tye or someone else with high damage. i still want my ascendance fodder back !


It shouldn’t be back to square one. Originally, Guardian wouldn’t prevent status effects at all. Even now, Guardian should block status effects if it is accompanied with a damage source.

Eg: Enemy team all has Guardian. Bruce Grenade Launcher AR hits everyone and stuns them too. That was pre-changes. Now, it blocks the stuns.

ughhh this change sucks!

Yeah, definitely a punch to the stomach with that change. Only reason why I ascend zeke was to have a counter to confusion, taunt and any other debilitating statuses.

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