Guardian is misleading


Guardian should be able to proc twice in one turn… it used to be able to with guardian yumiko… why not now?


The most it can process in one turn is applying two guardian shields. Which i believe is what yumiko did. So it is working the exact same way


It can be proced twice with yumiko, up to two guardian shields can be put up in one turn. This means that guardian 1 can proc twice while guardian 2 can proc once during one turn.


Was there a Guardian 2 on the same team as your Yumiko? I’m not sure about the interactions with Guardian and multi-attacks, but it should work just like normally. So if Yumiko is the only Guardian character, only 1 Guardian should apply. If there’s a Guardian 2 on the same team as Yumiko, she should be able to apply up to 2 Guardians at once.


No it’s not… I had Darlene and rick cause I was testing it out and only 1 applied same with if one of them applied guardian then Zeke crit not even 1 sheild would come up… not working like it used to they changed it in the guardian update about a year ago


If a shield was created that turn then zeke will not activate his guarding because only two teammates can be shielded per turn. There was already a shield so zekes guardian would have made three shields that turn hence why it didn’t activate with the crit.


Then explain why rick didnt proc his sheild even though Darlene was the only one that applied a sheild




Guardian is broken change my mind


Lmao your profile pic just fits that post so well like it’s saying I told you so :joy: . Maybe it is broken like lots of other stuff but I only ever use one guardIan at a time so it doesn’t affect me.


I was just testing it cause I just ascended kal so I heard something about guardian only proving once so I wanted to see for myself


That gif ended a little too quickly to see if the Guardian from Rick applied, but since you made this post, I’m assuming it didn’t.

File a bug report. You should be getting 2 Guardians max per turn as long as there’s a Guardian 2 on your team.


If you look at the gif the first Guardian applied as soon as the first “Critical” text popped up, Notice on the second “Critical” text that pops up it doesnt instantly pop off the Gaurdian, it is definitely bugged, please fix this or report it.


… look at how fast Darlene applied it…



Why is this such a major deal guardian 1 characters can only put out 1 shield per turn guardian 2 can put out 2. Where is the malfunction? If you watch after Darlene crit you even see ricks guardian button deactivate. If zeke or kal couldn’t place a second then there would be a bug.


What game version do you have installed? I just tested with Darlene and Kal and it worked exactly as expected. Darlene had a crit, put up one shield, Kal had a crit and put up a second shield.


@Jim_Mac nailed it - if they’re both 5* then max 1 shield per turn.


And really I know some people love to find bugs but how many times are you going to use two guardian 1s with a guardian 2?


That’s Guardian 1. Look at Guardian 2.