Guardian glitch using zeke and blade hand rick


So since the uneeded 6* stat boost (yea im still mega salty about that, it ruined my def teams!!) I’ve been trying to come up with viable defenses. I was lucky enough to pull 5* blade hand rick from 5* tokens I figured it might be worth going the guardian root since shiva zeke is a boss! :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed though that if zeke guardian 2 procs and ricks guardian procs in the same turn, that you still only get 2 guardian shields when it should be 3. It works the same way if rick goes first, should get 3 shields but only 2 appear. Surely a bug?

Please fix, cos some of us without mega bucks or huge luck in the armoury and pulls have to be creative with def teams in order to compete - and a bug like this just makes things a little harder!

Please thanks a lot! !!

Guardian shield bug... Not! (solved)

not true actually. You can have 2 procs but can have up to 1 or 2 shields up in a turn depending on your max guardian skill I or II.


When this character performs a critical attack on an enemy, they will apply a damage negating Shield on an ally with the lowest HP. The Shield will remain active until it negates 1 incoming attack against that ally.
A maximum of one Guardian shield can be applied to a team per turn with this skill
The shield will block and by consumed by incoming damage attacks / ARs
The shield does not block incoming effects that are statuses only
The shield will block and be consumed by incoming effects that are damage alongside a status
The shield is applied at the time of the Critical hit occurring
The Guardian specialists may give a shield to themselves as last instance, regardless their current HP.


Yep. Guardian 1 = max one shield gained per turn. Guardian 2 = max two shields gained per turn.


Ya I sit looking at my hershel and zeke going off and end up with total of 2… ohwell… I know its working as intended.


Increasing the number of Guardians in your team only increases the CHANCE of getting a shield, not the number of shields you can have. But that does have a certain value too.


Poor rick, he’s now blade hand rick


The same happens with Ezekiel 5*, and all the others guardians toons.
It is possible just one activation for each turn…
You have to try first Ezekiel 6* to have two shields, or you will have only one shield if you activate before a level 1 guardian ability


It’s better then it used to be when you only got 1 shield total.


That’s it not true :).

If your Guardian has activated 1 shield that turn, your Guardian 2 can still get 1 more if it crits.


What i think needs to be fixed with guardian is this. If zeke gets confused by someone, he should not be able to proc guardian shield when attacking one of his own teammates. In my opinion that’s pretty stupid and gives an advantage to the defender, instead of the attacker seeing as the fact you confused them and litterally have no benefit in doing so. Especially if he can proc guardian on himself or his teammates.

Can i have some sort of explination as to why this happens? or why it was deemed a good idea or fair? I am gonna assume it is acting as it should,but i would love an explination as to why it does?

I feel that if zeke gets confused and attacks his own teammates, he should not be able to proc guardian.


I use Zeke but agree with this, should be changed.



that’s a design thing, maybe @Agrajag can give some insight.


If they make that change then they need to disable all specialist skills on confused characters to make it balanced. If you can decapitate one of your own when they are confused then you should be able to guardian them also.


Thank you. I never do that (guadian 1 before guardian 2) because i was sure of the opposite.