Guardian 2 glitch or intentional hogwash?

Why is it when the enemyis guardian shielded and burning or bleeding, the guardian shield no longer disappears? I call bs


I’ve noticed alot of people’s gs2 pops every turn and mine hardly shows up and my active skill is lvl 7

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It pops on critical

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Active skill has no impact on gs2. A critical hit is what procs a gs2. If you aren’t seeing your toon put up gs2 tryinf improving the critical on the weapon or adding critical chance mods.

I dont know but reflect mid will remove it

Pretty sure that’s how it always was, at least, that’s how it always was when I played against characters like that.

My meaning being. If the enemy has a guardian shield and that enemy is burning. Once their turn has ended, the burning, or bleeding, effect should remove the guardian shield, because itis inflicted damage

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Wrong. Indirect damage does not remove shields.

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Thanks, I suppose onlyon sr then

Reflect does remove gaurdian … It doesn’t remove sheild but guardian it does

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