Guardian 2 and Extra Crit

How much Crit do you guys prefer to add on to a G2 toon? It all comes down to RNG but curious to see if anyone has preference where they see critical hit happening often.

Ex. Guardian Zeke (35% Crit weapon + Crit mod + No Crit Lead bonus) I see G2 proc often enough on offense when I use zeke.

When you use a crit mod, that takes a away a potential stat mod or resist mod that that G2 toon can have. Or vice versa with a weapon as well.

Ex Guardian Zeke (35% Defense weapon + Crit Mod + No Lead Bonus)
Guardian Zeke (35% Crit weapon + Stat Mod + No Lead Bonus)

A couple of combinations but let me know what you guys have experience/aim for when using a G2 toon on your team (mods and weapons).

I would rather go for crit on a mod and use something like 30% attack or defense on the weapon. With mods you can do lets say a defense set with hp, crit, stun resist, etc and that way you get the lets say perfect 650 defense and 650 hp, a lead skill of lets say 40% def and hp will boost those and same applies to a weapon, its a multiplier and a gold crit chance mod can get up to 50% which imo is good enough esp if used on a def team as they like gaurdians seem to proc more.

With huge def & hp lead,

Huge Ap attacking, special, and max crit, and crit chance mod

With only hp/def lead,
Might just go with weapon or cirt chance mod depending on stats.

Dont wanna lose them round 1.

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