Guardian 1 and 2 skill

Ok… id like to see this skill happen per toon individually like any other skill… if guardian 1 goes off and guardian 2 goes off on same round… you SHOULD get 3 guardian shields.

I believe also that guardian 2 goes off 2x in one round (ie: have 2 6*zekes)… then you should get 4 guardian shields… UNLESß by random chance guardian skill (1 or 2) was applied to the same toon in which only 1 instance of guardian shield per turn hence negating the 2nd instance and forgoeing guardian shield on other turns til next atk.

This would be fun and annoying (i only have 1 guardian shield skill toon so this would not help me lol…



I find the 2 each turn is annoying enough. It’s not like an ar that takes a couple of turns so I’m cool with just the two per round.

I wonder if guardian 1 goes off and drops 1 shield then guardian 2 also crits does it add another single shield bringing the total to 2 for the round?

And yes I know you can only have 2 total drop in one round before someone says that. :wink:


I hear ya on how 2 is already annoying but this would give F2P players an interesting def to work with against P2P players as the gap widens of available toons to both sides of the fence… u can get several other guardian toons F2P to help their cause… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you running Hershel and Zeke behind your T4 maxed Erika as your defence? Is that why?

I wish i had erika… my teams all melee with carl lead.

2 is plenty. Any more than that, and guardians will become the ONLY characters used. Nobody will do damage to each other. It’ll just be back and forth damage negation until the end of time.


Erika dies really fast with blues. She has never gotten her ar off on me. With all the active skills its easy to lockdown any toon now. She really seems better suited for an attack team rather than on def since she also does very little damage. Yes I would take her in a heartbeat but I would never spend on a pull for her.