Guaranteed Carl

Now that the Jeremiah offer has been released, I was wondering if there will be a similar guaranteed way to get Green Carl. I am one of the countless unlucky players that cannot get Carl, though not for lack of effort. Numerous pulls form wheel and as promo…heck, I even pulled max when the crate was available right after Scopely said they were taking him from all wheels. It really shuts down my ability to defend and spend on toon when melee toons are missing this big piece.
I know this isn’t for everyone and I know plenty of people that have 2-3 of him. This isn’t me. I am guessing if you made him available in a siimilar manner to Jeremiah and let people decide if they want one or another the game would be just fine and folks may be happy. Seems like a win win.


Everybody already uses carl as main def, no need to give him out anymore

Except if you don’t have him. That’s the issue.


Have 2 of him, wanna trade!

Yes. I’d give you just about any 6 star you want.

He was. As I typed above Scopely said they were pulling him from wheeels and put out a crate with him And a bunch of 4 stars in it. I pulled max to no avail. Scopely reversed and kept him in wheels but I still haven’t been able to pull him. Plenty of dupes: sandy, man bun Jesus, green Morgan, mirabelle…list goes on.

The players who did not get RNG lucky enough to get Carl got absolutely SCREWED as Carl is a much more useful defense lead than Mirabelle

I won a carl from a level up, if not, I would have been stuck without a melee lead and probably quit the game a lot sooner.

I didn’t get a “free, non event win carl” until a few weeks ago, long after the Carl Meta already was established. This as somsone who grinded every day, won wars, won events etc… and the only reason I had a Carl was back from a 5* level up event, sheer coincidence that I decided “heck yeah I’m going for the neutralizer!”

Then 6* comes out and Carl is the king leader LMAO, SMFH @Scopely


Would rather they did it with OG shiva tbh. :joy:

Put Carl in stash like they did with Joshua recently.

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This would be perfect @kalishane

Carl is a leader and shiva is not, it makes sense that because maribelle was given away, Carl should not have been far behind

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Well done. Your right Shiva isn’t a leader. But the best 6* so far imo.

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Yes, because she works on any time due to AS

But for pure attack speed, Alpha/Dwight are “best 6*” if you consider the meta right now is “who can kill the Carl/Erika teams faster”

Curious who else is on your alpha Dwight team. I have alpha but haven’t ascended Dwight yet. Is it really that fast and worth it to bump him up? I am lacking trainers to add much to Dwight so he’d be pretty stock.

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I don’t have her, but on attack it’s basically Dwight + ALpha + Command, maybe a buffer and maybe zeke for the F2P toons

The next choice is weapons. I think the double attack rifle with ATK and CRIT and 2X attack is a nice choice.

  1. attack the middle toon with Alpha.
  2. Is it a crit? and a double hit
  3. If yes, raid over.
  4. if no, command attack again, go to step 2. Or wait to round 2 and repeat step 2

one crit from alpha will usually wipe an entire Mirabelle team


I have him, but I wish you luck to get
an offer. I just hope they give me a
offer with 4* Allen

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Imo I don’t think he’s worth a Jeremiah like offer, but they should make his 5* version ascendable. Same for Mirabelle.

Just curious if you have been able to pass this request of green Carl availability on to the team. Appreciate any help you can give @kalishane

If u get Carl I get Barker fair?

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Deal. Hell I will give you barker if you make it happen.

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