Guaranteed 5* every 40 pulls. I think not



Since the changes to the pulling system (5* recruits, elite characters, and premier recruits) I’ve done over 60 pulls without a single 5*. 30 of which were for the “a new threat” governor. I’m hoping this is a bug and not intentional. I wanted the gov. Damn money hungry scopely.![3CAAEEE9-366F-4713-AE0A-4AF324D11EE0|666x500](upload://mf7xQUqgsCLpRtWIumb7DTBXV4J.jpg)


Um it’s only for that wheel and for that premier.

So if u pulled 30 for premier, u will get at least 1 within the next 10 (if u haven’t already)


To be clear, if the premier changes, the counting restarts…


It’s 40 per category and it refreshes the premier when the premier changes


It expires when the promotion ends.


Finish out the 80 youll get 2. Within one promo.