Grow your town. Grow your business!

Hi everyone. Haven’t posted for a while as i got bored of the game and drifted away after the release of 6*s. Ofcourse like any crackhead i was dragged back. Anyway after a couple months of getting back into playing hard, iv noticed a few things id like to suggest (i know this will not help in any way because scopely but here goes)
Armory - same stuff as when it was introduced. Lets mix it up. All specials available on all weapons. Stun impair abso ap down. I see new weapons have these stuff so why not make the armory fun again?

Secondly, legendary medals, jesus where are these??? Maybe bring back the monthly stashes like gator and javier where there is plenty of gear medals etc for daily login gifts.

Thirdly. What happened to hemorhage? My 5* maggie was awesome, bring some cool 6s with it or even the existing 5s like alicia clem etc

Fourthly, wheels need an update, a lot faster than the current rate as does the depot, all depots, i mean, 50k for a basil in sr store? And couple useless 5*s in there?

Faction onslaught, imo, and only imo, is awful. Blitz wars blitz wars blitz wars. Crw is hard so maybe each 4 week cycle we get an aow weekend, crw weekend, aow blitz weekday and a crw blitz weekday. It would be nice for factions to see how they match up against there region more often.

Territories, what happened to the limited time ones with lilliths and special event tokens? Bring them back!

Wheels need to be changed also, the 4* wheel is obsolete and the tokens are an insult. Considering it used to be a 4* and 5* wheel before 6* was introduced, why cant we just have a 5* wheel and 6* wheel? This would help a TON on being able to come up with some decent war rewards.

Lastly (for now) open up that town! So much space and nothing happening.

I have spotted a lot of good things happening in the game though, duels, player level increase etc


The blacked out portion of town is gonna stay that way. It’s not cause they can’t figure out what to put there but more that it’s been censored (that’s where the poop goes). After over three years you don’t wanna see the sanitation mess behind that blackout.




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