Group of active members looking for a faction


Me and my members are looking for a new region and faction to be apart of.

I’ve lead a successful faction from top 10 to top 3.
Ended up been 3 Factions for over a year as we had a main, 2nd and faction for newer player to let them grow and give them opportunities to work there way up while staying loyal to a faction. (Never farmed each other. Respected the region)
It went great. Had ups and downs.
Had lots of loyal members (still do).

Region is suffering though and I recently lost 2 of my loyal members to top 2 factions.
It was the last straw.
Especially when as a leader I tried so hard to be hard working loyal and fair…top 2 factions always got what they want and eventually who they wanted.
Even when there leaders abandon them or don’t even bother playing anymore.

I’m looking to join a faction and hopefully help them build something.
I’m not looking for a leadership role…I’m happy to be a soldier.
But I have years of refined work that I can share…maybe you could use some to improve your faction.
I’m willing to help alittle with other duties but just want to play.

I also have ——— players who will follow me when I make sure everything’s ok.
I’m P2P. Most are F2P. Some are beginners. Most are experienced players.
Quite a few top faction worthy.
I’d like all to be given a chance and join a community who is friendly and helps improves there members. Gives members opportunities…

A faction that is active and hungry and maybe looking to expand.
As a leader I was pretty soft so maybe someone who’s on the ball.

Tbh a few weeks ago I’d have loved to have a opportunity to have a bunch of new members who wanted to help and grow. Would have been perfect to see this message from others.
But I couldn’t advertise for new members or accept a deal like this as our region is dying.
So we are offering ourselves. To go on a new journey.

You will gain a bunch of very loyal people.
Some very strong.

I would move over 1st to check things out.
Make sure we weren’t been invited to be food.

The region does need to be healthy.
A bonus would be a faction with someone who can speak Russian and English.
As we have some very active and strong Russian members.
Our very precious translator member left game so it’s been a little harder to communicate recently.

I’d love to share info and see if we can work something out.


Go check out Wilkes. Awesome region looking for the same things. Won’t hurt to go check it out. They can add you to Line chat if you ask. Good luck!’


There are a few other threads around but this is the link to the Wilkinson Line chat:

Continuing the discussion from Wilkinson Welcomes You:

Cant say i know of many Russians here, but its a good strong region, winning the CRW this weekend



Some pretty bad ass posters on this thread, i don’t have those kinds of picture skills. I appreciate the kind words @Ianybob Wilkinson is open for new people


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