Group looking for top 1B faction

hello, so me and a group of 3 others are looking for a top faction in wave 1B. we are all very strong players and active in war. i personal will hit anywhere from 450k upwards and the other all hit milestone and usually push 250k +. we are all strong attackers and dont mind having a good fight and we will make any faction stronger.

we are looking for a faction that likes to compete in war and can fill constantly

hit me up on line mattb121

should also add looking to be competitive in war and push to try and win crw

If only you were looking for a wave 2 faction lol we love war, fill in 30 seconds, get top 10 in CRW and could use a few hitters, good luck tho, think of this as a thread bump

cheers for the bump if we could drop down from a 1B then we would have alot more options to consider

Have you tried the line recruiting chats? More ppl might see this

May I ask what team grades you and your group are? We may be interested in recruiting you :smile:

we are what you are looking for

What region are you in and I’m going to see you

check out darlington. u might find what u need im the currently top faction there

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