Grey quills fir f2p

Will there be any way for us to get grey quills for this road map?

Levelup, starting next week. 2.1m milestone.

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So in short, no.

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So in shot, yes


2.1m isn’t particularly f2p. Certainly not every level up for the next 3 weeks. Moderate spender maybe.


Meaning u somehow run 2.1 mil three times to get one rm unlocked lol … 6.3 mil isn’t f2p


2.1 mil would be obtainable if our energy came back at a faster interval but knowing any game like this thats not possible

F2P can do 2.1 mil if they have some resources stockpiled and are very actively grinding. It’s certainly far from easy though.

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as a person that has a stockpile of food and far less toons to sack i feel everyones pain

Do stage 7 stock up on gloves shirts. if you have some refills and share level up territories.2mil Easy.

i always buy the shjirs for coins but i think they removed it from the game

Three level ups to do one roadmap for 12 bears!! Figured they would do us a little better then that!

Not wasting the quill to get 12 bears, using it to get 1k s class items for Heng Yen. Doubt f2p will even get the 2nd Princess at this rate, def not getting the s class. Cut the loss, grab 1k of another s class and move on that this was another :poop: event. They are trying to grab as much money as they can for vacation time and for the yearly report. Here is to hoping whoever they hired in 2019 leaves and we get someone in who knows gaming, knows rts and knows how to make money at the same time. 2019 by far has been the worst in rts.


Which stage 7?

The trainer deficit is just crippling right now. Unless you actively buy these over priced >$50 offers you have no way to adequately acquire a decent amount of trainers to push through the massive amount of levels s class characters require. Let alone that you need to max 2 5 stars and 2 6 stars before you even get to s class. It’s really becoming a chore.

Im a f2p guy and i always hit at least 2mil every fac lvl. I save my trainers. And do ygls with 6*. Its actually quite easy for a f2p to hit 2mil if they setup their toons right. A fresh t2 or t3 or even t4 lvl1 in a ygl. 3 of them in thats almost a mil right there(on t4s)


T4 ing requires difficult to obtain gear to be doing this consistently. The rest you might be able to float on but having 3 t4 lvl 1s? All the time? I mean you’re assuming everyone is always saving all that for some weird instance. Not always the case.

Best bet is a Princessgate. Keep your opportunist eye open and keep on surviving :crossed_fingers:

I think players get confused with f2p and easy. Is it easy to hit 2.1 million every level up? No… can f2p who are very active achieve it? Yes.


Stockpile your training grounds. Open up basic tokens then lvl up the 5 stars you pull from there.

How ppl can think 2.1 million is a p2p milestone is beyond me…