❕ Legendary Gear Event >> LIVE now!

We’re excited to announce:

Legendary Gear has arrived!

Help your Legendary recruits reach their maximum ascended potential with the help of Screwdrivers (not the drink), in this Legendary Gear Event!

Start by competing in the Road of Legends roadmap to receive possible drops of Screwdrivers. Additionally, play daily in the 8-hour Legends Pathway roadmaps at 12am, 8am, and 4pm (PDT) to get Screwdrivers from completing the Acts of these limited-time roadmaps.

Then, go to the Museum to turn-in Screwdrivers for trait specific Legendary Gear packs or for Legendary Tokens, used in the Token Section of Recruits and Rewards for chances at Ultra Rare, Epic, or Legendary Gear!

All roadmaps will end at 4PM PDT on October 17th, 2017. Collections and Tokens will expire at 11:59pm PDT on October 18th.

Please leave all feedback for the event below !

Thank you everyone!

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While I am all for farmable events, the benchmarks to obtain even part of the gear necessary were exceedingly high. 10,000 is a ton when dropping 25-125. But then approximately 50% of the time we received elite item tokens instead.

I managed to collect the strong collection twice. I also managed to collect -sixteen- elite item token pulls. That’s 32,000 elite tokens, that had they been screwdrivers, I would have been a very happy camper since -that- was the point of the event.

Instead I got 5/8 pieces of equipment needed to t4 -one- character and feel pretty chaffed for the obscene amount of effort and time it took.

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Thank you @Jhermanford! We’re discussing this event right now and your feedback helps!

No problem. I hope there is a lot of discussion on your guys’ end. I know a lot of players denigrate into bashing Scopely. There are definitely huge strides that could(should) be made in building good will. I’ve spent a good deal of money on the game (more than any other game in my life heh). And it’s a fantastic product of a game. It really just needs some of the more basic things players have asked for repeatedly to skyrocket into the best playing environment ever.

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Hi Shane,

The event is okay. I think burning cans should be required to get this gear. However, the amount of effort for Long time players is too much. Farming is such a chore at this point. The prestige tokens were supposed to help but I mean come on. Anywhere from 3-7 a day is not enough.

Farming at this point should be sped up or just automatic. Still takes energy to burn and cans to be spent but stages should just be automatic. If you want to use drop leads, it can be done manually as well. This would be a tremendous help.

Can we have work gloves and wrinkled shirts added to the drop table when doing these events please?

Was nice to get a chance at the gear but without luck even if you had infinite time and resources no guarantee at ascending anything. I would be surprised if the metrics showed more that a few % of the playerbase got what they needed to t4 a 6*.

I agree effort is worth the prize but this seemed to far in that regard with the same rng loot bag at the end. If going to be a real chore at least give us the choice of each item and let us pick so we can decide our own fate not hope for a good roll. Even 5 bags doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll t4 that color trait.

With this event coming to a close, I would like to share my thoughts.

I have been farming almost non stop (other than during CRW) throughout this event, and burned through about 50 fills. I managed to get 50000 screwdrivers, did five 10000 pulls, and ended up with 1 GPS, 2 Canteens and 5 Magazine bandolier - just 1 short of a t4 upgrade.

While I understand this event is meant to be difficult, its really disappointing to go for the “safe” option of a guaranteed gear with the 10000 pull, and yet fail to have enough gear for a t4 upgrade.

Having more options for pulls would be nice. Eg 5000 screwdriver for 1 magazine bandolier.

I really hope there are other ways to get legendary gear in the future, as this repeated farming (that didnt pay off) has been an extreme chore which sucked some interest away from the game.

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Can you Kalishane cofirm that after this legendary gear event ends, all legendary tokens will be converted to supply points in rate 1 to 20, meaning if you have 1500 legendary tokens, which is required for one pull, will give player 30k supply points? It was said like that in message sent in game to us and i hope we didnt read it wrong, this information would help us big time in deciding what we want to do with all those screwdrivers we farmed so far.

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If you want better rewards you should farm more. There are always can offers in the store if you need works energy

Hey Kalishane, is there any way to let us know how far out we can expect to see a legendary gear roadmap? I have a whole faction of peeps who are more then ready to burn coin on world energy cans.

People in this bread are being constructive, calm, and remarkably docile. Please don’t bring your antagonism here.

I personally work two jobs, am married, raise six children, and farmed a ton. (Mostly on auto while driving hundreds of miles for work. ) I support Scopely with regular purchases, and give constructive feedback without resorting to trashing the company that provides a large portion of my idle time entertainment.

I like bread

I will check for you!

I think I remember the blog post saying they retire at a certain date/time.

I think it would be quite fun to make these events like stash pulls where u have a finite number of items. Even if it’s a 1000.

I liked the idea of the event and the rewards, but I too felt 10,000 screwdrivers was a bit high. I feel like I have non stopped farmed and only got 2 pulls from the 10k and five 1500 token pulls because I couldn’t have gotten to 10,000 a third time.

I personally spent +20 cans farming those roadmap for a total of 3x10k and 3x1500 single pulls. I ended up with 7 double holsters and a hockey mask which honestly doesn’t feel very satisfactory in any way having spent so much time and cans on this event.

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I also feel that the event was somewhat unsatisfactory. Duration was way too short for it to have an effect. I don’t think much people were able to t4 any legendary. I just got 5 hockey masks.

I don’t mind grinding and/or having to do some work for the items, but the random factor is what killed this event. For the past week I have been farming those maps like crazy for the screwdrivers, and managed to get enough for 5 pulls from the Strong Collection. Guess what I ended up with? 11 Hockey Masks…

If a farm event like this is done where it awards all/almost all of the gear for a character I’d prefer something like a stash so you can guarantee you get the different items, or there could have been like a collection per trait with a bag with either 2 or 3 of the trait gear, and a separate 10k collection for the general gear, with bags with a GPS or Canteen in it.

That way it would have been at least a little bit less random.

All I can hope for now is upcoming events or if maybe the new Gear Roadmap will contain these higher level items…