Green weapons Armory Upgrade



War after war, we can see that green weapons upgrades are very weak against other colors.

Red have stun when taking damage, yellow have absolute def and blue have trouble.

Green have -30 ar, it is good but not enough for defense, particulary since 6* popup up.

I’m proposing a new upgrade: confusing when taking damage for 2 turns.


Every color has strong upgrades both def and atac
blue has impair on def and on atac
red has -30ar when atac and stun on def
yellow has ab0 and on atac …
green has -30ar and stun on atac which is very powerfull

yellow is weaker on atac i think


Green have a lot of good options: Stun on attack, Revive when killing. It’s true that -30ap isn’t as good on defense but it’s fine as it is


I am talking about def.

Now plenty of players have full red stun at def.
Just a little op comparing to other colors…
-30 pa is good but with 6*, the toon is taking heavy damage and the ennemy can re attack then.
Comparing to 0 def = no dmg, no adre
Stun in def = toon not be able to move
trouble = lock the ar during 3 rounds.

Red have stun in attack too…