Green Toon with 40% atk and huge AD when attacking

Where is this Green leader?

There are a lot of Shield Jesus, Yellow Tyreese and, now, Lydia.

We need a strong green toon to beat these characters

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Att mods on abe works pretty good puts his att easily over 2k

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Yeah we need a lot of things, like a Shield, Revive, all Melee Huge AP while attacking. But we don’t matter. By “we” of course I mean F2P.

You will see a free shield or revive when 7* come out than they will be handing them out 6* wise

You make it sound as if those characters are unbeatable. Shiva and green abe can beat them. Both ftp.

Green Shiva, Green Abe, Green Eugene, Green Glen, Green Carl, Green Wyatt…

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