Green Token 4+1 Mishap (sorted out)

When the green tokens first came out, I bought a 4+1 deal wherein they only had 500 tokens in instead of 625. I figured they might send 125 tokens my way after purchasing, so I bought 2 since I wanted to try my luck at Wayland.

I messaged support regarding it and they responded within 24 hrs asking for receipts and such. Come almost 72 hrs, no sign of support and such. So what kind of customer is this Scopely? I paid for something advertised and I am not getting it. Could you fix it before I ask google to refund it? Giving you folks a chance to make it right (and no, the 5$ deal even as nice as it was doesn’t make this false advertising right).

Edit: Sorted

Good luck


You’ll need it.

They did actually send out compensation for the 4+1 mishap. A screenshot was posted on the forums:

Feel free to download that screenshot and send it to support, asking that you receive the same.


Thanks LadyGeek. Now to pray to God that Scopely does what I wanted senpai to do and notice me.

Sorted out. Thanks support, LadyGeek and TrayTron.


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