Green SR levels... harder than others?


Is it just me, or are the Survival Road zombie levels that require only green toons significantly harder than other levels? Every SR tourney I get hung up on green levels. Admittedly, my best green crit leader atm is 4* Michonne, but she’s not that bad. I’m using improved crit weapons, too, but I feel like I get very few headshots compared to a team of say red toons led by Kelly. Do green toons have a “naturally” low crit rate or something?


Also been wondering that and noticing a lower crit rate for green toons as opposed to red or yellows. Perhaps the crit is lower on stun stages to emphasise their difficulty?


Need more context… Are you talking about zombie stages with stun? Crit rate is consistent across all traits.


The Green stages with stun where the ones that slowed me down. Even with crit lead and crit weapons I went down.


I’ve noticed that the crit chance there is the worst in the game


Post your green team with weapons. It’s prob just a roster thing


It all depends on your roster, i run Norma Lead, Audrey, Darlene, SR Ezekiel, OG Michonne and its a walk in the park.


its all about rooster… green zombies are easy for me… i run eze on lead, crit negan, camo michone, green siddinq and 6*carl on those never goeas even close to lose.
and ofcource all is with 30+ crit weapons… only using mich and negans ars, some time might hit carls ar if need some heal other toons because previus stages hits


sorry typos… eng not my native :wink:


ouh and green siddiq is just in backup if i lose toon… i keep every teams in sr revievers for backups


I use 5* Green earl as he has +55% crit for all team when his ar goes off,slices through walkers with a decent team behind him,although not maxed his ar yet so still have to wait a couple of waves for it to go off


I used to feel that way but finally have my roster fleshed out well enough that green walker stages are easy for me now.
I use green zeke lead, darlene, margaret and 2 variable others


Thanks for all the replies. I get that roster makes a big difference. But I just have less confidence going with a green crit team (led by my Michonne, +24 crit) than the other traits (yellow Molly, +24 & red Kelly, +24). I’d take a crit lead Zeke any day now, lol.


kelly has +36 crit


You’re right. That means Michonne had a weak leader skill comparatively. Hmmmm.


I think SR it’s very easy.


Green only walker stages give me trouble too. Unlike all other traits I have no greens with a +crit AR to help out. I have multiples in all other colours.


Nah there is a couple, but certainly are rare, only two i know of are tony 4* and audrey, but greens also have camo which works as a counter instead so its not two bad


In Zombie stage in SR you gotta have:

  1. Good crit leader
  2. Good Crit weapon
  3. Good Crit buffer

For Green I got Larry as leader, and I equipped all the green toons with crit weapons and give the crit buffer (mine is Rosa) crit weapon with large ap gain on attacking, her crit buff never goes down

The only dificulty for me is I dont have cleanser in my Green toon yet so when there are stunner walkers it comes down to luck for me.


I have found having to use tough on legendary zombie maps is always my kryptonite.

Strong has many crit buffers (Rosa/Darlene)) and easy to get crit leads that are allowed (zieke)